Game configuration

The games configuration have these options:

  • The name
  • The use of a maximum or minimum number of points
  • An initial score
  • The number of decimals displayed
  • The winner is the player with the most points or not
  • Turn-based game or not
  • The use of a distributor
  • The number of turn before changing distributor
  • The number of digits after the decimal point displayed

Games configurations can be created, modified and deleted in the Preferences menu.

You can also export the games configuration and then import it in another game.




Here are different option when exporting to PDF:

  • The use of the UTF-8 character set: The UTF-8 character set permit to display all the character but have some problem with some font.
  • The nome of the font
  • Choix to embeb the font in the PDF
  • The direction (Portrait or Landscape)
  • The size (A5, A4 or A3)
  • The margin
  • The font size
  • Show the total points in each turn or not
  • Show the ranking in each turn or not
  • Use the PDF size for the chart

Here are different option when exporting to chart:

  • The width of the chart
  • The height of the chart
  • Show the total points or the points in each turn


Here are different option for the display:

  • Disable the main window decoration : useful when using GNOME desktop manager
  • Add the title in the title bar will be useful when using GNOME desktop manager

HTML version

Csuper can be launched in HTML version and thus be used throughout the local network.

So there is an option to launch it automatically when the session starts.

Creation and opening of a game

You can create a new game with the new button.

Then you only have to write the different information needed. If something in not well fulfilled, the corresponding text will be written in red. At the end, the game is automatically saved and opened.

To open a file, just use the Open button and select your file.


During the game, it’s simple. You only have to write the new points and click to the button “End of Turn”. It is also possible to set points to a person with arithmetic operations like 125-32.

You will find different display options in the display menu.

You can change the points already set via the undo and redo buttons, as well as use the delete and edit turn buttons.

In addition you can export the current file in PDF, CSV, Markdown, Gnuplot, Octave/Matlab, SVG and PNG format.